Popular sports for the whole family

Nordic Walking

At the FSG Bielefeld, we’d like to present ourselves as a popular sports associaton where all the members of a family may participate in sports activities as a whole or as a single person. In popular sports, it’s not a measurable achievement that is important but the recreational activity itself. Every sportswomen and sportsman is free to chose her or his „right dose“ of sport activity. On our grounds, we (actually literally) built many sport sites and a solar-heated open-air swimming pool for the summer season so everyone can find an activity they like. Our broad sports programme offers the opportunity to keep or increase your personal health on a group or individual level.

Examples for our sets of sport opportunities inside our grounds or outside in the beautiful forest and countryside are:


Aerobics Badminton Motorcycle biking
Archery Boule Dart
Beach volleyball Soccer / Football Outdoor chess
Volleyball Running Athletics
Nordic Walking Mountain biking / Touring Ringtennis
Swimming Sports badge Tennis
Table tennis Indiaca Hiking

Water aerobics

Additionally, we have a wellness area with two saunas. Because a good sport activity is not only about the physical excercise itself but a healthy relaxation afterwards.

Our latest addition is a fitness center that can be used all year. It’s open everyday.